Purple Group, verhuur van licht en geluid


An overview of events.

Festyland 2012...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

This anniversary edition attracted over 30,000 visitors and there were more than 100 acts. Performing among others were Di-Rect, Will & The People, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The Kik, and Go Back To The Zoo. Festyland's fifth edition started on Friday with 11,000 visitors. Saturday was the busiest day with 13,500 visitors, but on Sunday there were less than half, namely six thousand. Also there were fifteen hundred campers.

ZPF 2012...

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The Zomerparkfeest is a multicultural festival that takes place every year in August in the Julianapark, Venlo in the week before the end of the school holidays. It is the largest free multi-day festival in the Netherlands. a record number of 90,522 visitors in four days passed the gates. Sunday was the busiest day, with more than 30,000 visitors. During the performance of Tommy Ebben and during the concert Rowwen of Heze even the gates were closed for a few hours. In total there were at that time about 14,500 visitors while in the park.

Inkom 2012...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

A series of photos of the Inkom 2012 in the MECC in Maastricht. The Heineken Night is the grand finale of the INKOM. The closing party on Friday combined the latest special effects with the greatest artists!

The organization sent the following: A small impression of the MECC INKOM celebrations 2012. The hall has never looked this good. Thank you for the cooperation and hopefully until next year. Sincerely, Workgroup INKOM 2012


Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Saturday, April 7, 2012 you could have gone to the Rebirth Festival. Rebirth is 'that other start of the festival season', that takes place at the Raamse Akkers in Haaren. Last year proved Rebirth Festival 2011 the perfect start to the festival season, the organization continues working to improve themselves and to surpass. The formula for Rebirth Festival remains unchanged: a strong line-up for a competitive price.

Crazy Pianos Theater tour...

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In 2012 the Crazy Pianos again appeared in Dutch theaters with their two hour show Let's Go Crazy. With two fire red pianos, a saxophonist and a drummer all theaters were set completely on fire. Musicians with one goal: their love for music to share with the public. There were "oldies" and also played the hits of the moment.

Sonisphere 2010 Madrid...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Sonisphere 2010 in Madrid. Purple Group delivered V-Dosc and Kudo systems, driven bij LA-RAK. Some Midas Consoles etcetera...

Bob Willekens flew to Spain while transportation was on the road and made some pictures.

Brabant Night...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

The "Nacht van Brabant" (Brabant Night) 2009 with Dutch artists: Nick en Simon, Jeroen van der Boom, Thomas Berge, Rene Schuurmans, Frans Duijts, Peter Beense, Henk Damen, Gebroeders Ko, Helemaal Hollands and DJ Maurice.

Joost van Beusekom shot some pictures.

Kane at the ADO soccerstadium The Hague...

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The band Stereo was support act, the neighbourhood expected unpleasantly loud sound, but V-Dosc, dV-Dosc with SB218 subwoofers, driven by DiGiCo (D1, D5 en SD8) and Dolby Lake provided a nice sound and everybody was happy!

Peet Reijs made photos

Liberationfestival Zwolle 2009...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Again Purple Group facilitated the 2009 liberation festivals in Zwolle and Wageningen. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende speeched and opened the festival in Zwolle.

Marc van den Boom shot pics.

Gerard Joling...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Spaarnwoude. For your eyes only, a mega show and dito glasses with Gerard Joling and guests.

Again Marc van den Boom shot pictures.


Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Join the navy?....Kane for Q-Music a day on the Ms. Rotterdam.

Armin Only...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Armin van Buuren in a sold out show at "Jaarbeurs" Utrecht.
Armin Only 2008 from 22h 'till 7h with several guests and the presentation of his new CD.

Marcel Cellworx Broeders and Marc van den Boom made pictures.


Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Hind 2008 tour.
Hind during her tour throughout the Dutch Theatres.

Thanks : Gijs Hoogland.

Paaspop 2008...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01 Series 02

Paaspop 2008 was nothing like spring, it was cold with snow. This year 20.000 visitors again more than 2007. An impression.

Thank you : Joost van Beusekom.

 Line up

Saturday March 22

Main stage

  • VOICST 17:00/18:00
  • KREZIP 19:00/20:00
  • FICTION PLANE (UK) 21:00/22:00
  • MOKE 23:00/00:00
  • BLOF 00:30/02:00

Masters of Rock

  • ALL MISSING PIECES 16:00/17:00
  • AGUA DE ANNIQUE 18:00/19:00
  • PRONGHORN (UK) 20:00/21:00
  • BATMOBILE 22:00/23:00
  • CLAW BOYS CLAW 00:00/01:00


  • THE WALK & ROGER 72 16:00/17:30
  • HANDEL DJ SET 17:30/19:30
  • AUX RAUS 19:30/20:00
  • GOOSE DJ SET (B) 20:00/21:30
  • SEBASTIAN (F) 21:30/23:00
  • BUSY P (F) 23:00/00:30
  • JOOST VAN BELLEN 00:30/02:00


  • BZB THEATERSHOW 17:30/18:30
  • THE COMEDY EXPLOSION 19:00/20:00
  • MEMPHIS MANIACS 20:30/21:30
  • ADJES ZINGASONG SHOW 22:00/23:00
  • (TOPPOP DISCO BINGO) 23:30/02:00


  • POPQUIZ 16:30/17:00
  • DEF AMERICANS 17:30/18:30
  • CACTUS COWBOYS 19:00/20:00
  • PHANTOM FOUR 20:30/21:30
  • DOE MAAR NA 22:00/23:00
  • LITTLE COW (HUN) 23:30/00:30
  • BALKAN BEATZ 00:30/02:00

Sunday March 23

Main stage

  • STEVIE ANN 13:45/14:30
  • VANVELZEN 15:30/16:30
  • RACOON 17:30/18:30
  • GUUS MEEUWIS 19:30/20:30
  • SAYBIA (DK) 21:30/22:30
  • WITHIN TEMPTATION 23:15/00:30

Masters of Rock

  • BLOODY HONKIES 13:00/13:45
  • TEXTURES 14:30/15:30
  • HEIDEROOSJES 16:30/17:30
  • LEVELLERS (UK) 18:30/19:30
  • TURBONEGRO (NOR) 20:30/21:30
  • PETER PAN SPEEDROCK 22:30/23:30


  • PATCH PARK 13:00/15:00
  • EDWIN OOSTERWAL 15:00/16:30
  • SAMIM (D) LIVE FT. MIGUEL TORO 16:30/17:45
  • SHLOMI ABER (ISR) 17:45/19:30
  • MICHEL DE HEY 19:30/21:30
  • TECHNASIA (F) 21:30/22:30
  • (FT CHRIS LIEBING (D) & SPEEDY J) 22:30/01:00


  • KATINKA POLDERMAN 13:30/14:30
  • ALEX AGNEW (B) 15:00/16:00
  • BOOM CHICAGO 16:30/17:45
  • ENGE BUREN 18:15/19:15
  • TRIBUTE2BOBMARLEY 20:00/21:00
  • LIJN 7 21:30/22:45
  • 90S NOW! 23:00/01:00


  • POPQUIZ 13:00/13:30
  • WOODY & PAUL 13:30/14:30
  • BLUE GRASS BOOGIEMEN 15:00/16:00
  • DIE FROHLICHE FRIEDA S 16:15/16:45
  • HARDROCKKARAOKE 17:00/18:30
  • L. VIS EN DE VISAFSLAG 19:00/20:00
  • SIRQUS ALFON 20:30/21:30
  • OTTO ORGEL 21:45/22:15
  • CASPIAN HAT DANCE 22:30/23:45
  • BALKAN BEATZ 23:45/01:00

Willy De Ville...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Willy (Mink) de Ville.
Willy did some shows in the Netherlands.
Show pictures from the show at MC Frits Philips Eindhoven.

Thanks : Bob Willekens and Marc van den Boom.

WT 2006 + 2007...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01 Series 02

Within Temptation on tour.
WT behind the scenes, at Le Zenith in Paris.
Pictures from dound and light, DiGiCos, Wholehog, the soundcheck and more.

Thanks to several colleagues, a.o.: Paul Claessens and Ry van der Meer.

Folkwoods 2007...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Folkwoods festival, 10, 11, 12 Augustus 2007, Philips de Jonghpark Eindhoven.

Zomerparkfeest 2007 Venlo...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Zomerparkfeest, August 2, 3, 4 en 5 2007 in Venlo.

Thank you Ronnie Santegoeds.


Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Di-rect tour 2007.

Thank you André Beekmans.

Zwarte cross...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

'De Zwarte Cross' at Lichtenvoorde. Motocross, music and more

Thanks Marcel Broeders.

Avril Lavigne...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Avril Lavigne performed in Amsterdam.

Thank you Bob Willekens.

WT Tour...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01 Series 02

Within Temptation on tour in Hamburg and Paris.

Again thank you Marcel Broeders.

5 May Zwolle...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Liberationfestival in Zwolle. An Impression
Artists like De Dijk, Postman, Roosbeef, Racoon, Delain, Van Velzen and Normaal performed.

Thanks to John Paul Donkers.

5 May Wageningen...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Liberationfestival Wageningen, an impression.

Thanks to Marcel Broeders.

"Queensday" Gouda...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Party on Queensday April 30, 2007 in Gouda

Again pictures by Marcel Broeders.

Classics in Rock...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Classics in Rock March 23, 2007. In AHOY Rotterdam. For New Road Music.

Purple Group Picture Equipment
Classics in Rock
03 x DiGiCo D5
32 x W8L-c compact line-array cabinet
24 x STS sub 18/RR
12 x STS low
08 x STS mh
04 x STS combi
16 x STS CW152
26 x High End x.Spot Xtreme
26 x Martin Mac 700 Wash
14 x Martin Mac 250 Wash
18 x 6 bar
01 x Flying Pig Wholehog 2 + expansion wing

Is Ook Schitterend (IOS)...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Is Ook Schitterend (IOS) in the Heineken Music Hall (HMH).
December 1, 2006 IOS performed their show, 'IOS Uit De Schaduw XXL' (Out of the shadow XXL), in HMH Amsterdam. Guests were 'Lange Frans en Baas B' and Thé Lau.

Thank you: Gijs Hoogland.

Appelpop 2006...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Pics from Appelpop, the 2006 edition.
LPG, Racoon, Pete Philly & Perquisite, Treble, Lange Frans en Baas B, After Forever, Sarah Bettens, De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, Half Past Midnight, Krezip, Within Temptation, Textures, Gem, Rowwen Hèze, The Shavers, Kraak & Smaak, Nits and De Dijk, performed

Thank you: André Beekmans and Marcel Broeders.
More appelpop.nl.

Within Temptation Leipzig...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Within Temptation gave on Augustus 22, 2006 a concert in Leipzig. An impression.

Thank you Marcel Broeders.

Parkfeesten Venlo 2006...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Pictures of Parkfeesten in Venlo.

Thanks André Beekmans.

Guus Meeuwis in the PSV soccerstadium...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Photos from three Guus Meeuwis concerts on June 9, 10 en 11, 2006.
Is Ook Schitterend (IOS) and Rowwen Hèze were guests.

Hind theatre tour 2006...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Pics from Hinds theatre tour 2006.
The former Idol toured February and March throughout Dutch theatres.

Guus Meeuwis theatre tour 2005/2006...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Theatre tour from Guus Meeuwis. It's kick-off was in September 2005.

Kane Ahoy 2005...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

December 6 and 7, 2005. Billy the kid was support act, the afterparty by Ronald Molendijk.

Synco Network...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

December 6 and 7, 2005 in Ahoy Rotterdam. Behind the scenes with Kane, Synco Network, thank you for knowledge and equipment.


Purple Group Picture  9! Kane photo Series

Almere: Series 01
Bergen: Series 01
Den Haag: Series 01
Gorinchem: Series 01
Lokeren: Series 01
Pampus: Series 01
Amsterdam: Series 01
Werchter: Series 01
Rotterdam: Series 01

Kane: Almere Strand, Bergen, Beatstad festival in Den Haag, Gorinchem, Lokeren, Pampus, Paradiso Amsterdam, Rock Werchter and Rotterdam.

Tip: Jeroen (Buffel) Meijerinks website with more Kane photos.


Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Photos: Di-rect in Bergen op Zoom and at Beatstad festival.
More info and photos on Di-Rect.com.

Tip: Jeroen (Buffel) Meijerinks website with more Di-Rect photos.

Dance Valley 2005...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

5th and 6th of August 2005.
Dance Valley had more visitors than last year, despite the rainy wheather.
Three pictures.

More info and photos on Dancevalley.nl.

Appelpop 2005...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Behind the scenes, the built of Appelpop 2005.More info and photos on Appelpop.nl.

Paaspop 2005...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Paaspop 2005 was, with it's 85 acts, and 6 stages, a great edition. Sunday was totally sold out! All stages were taken care of by Purple Group.

More info and Photos on www.paaspop.nl.

Purple Group Picture 85 Acts.

  • 2nd Place Driver
  • After Forever
  • Agnostic Front (USA)
  • Alex Agnew (B)
  • Alexis Tyrel
  • Ali B
  • Awaiting Seasons
  • Bambix
  • Barth Hendrix
  • Beef!
  • Benny Rodrigues
  • Blaze of Glory
  • Bob Maclaren (NZL)
  • Boom Chicago (USA)
  • Bram Stalker
  • Buscemi Live (B)
  • Cane aka Funckarma
  • Chicken Lips (UK)
  • Chicks On Speed (UK)
  • Di-Rect
  • Die Lustige Schlagerfreunden
    & Dennie Christian
  • DJ Kees van Hondt
  • DJ Timzle
  • Drillem
  • Eboman
  • El Guapo Stuntteam (B)
  • Face Tomorrow
  • Fair Play Committee
  • Flogging Molly (USA)
  • Freestylers (UK)
  • Full Flavoured Dip
  • Funckarma
  • Funk DVoid (UK)
  • Geert Chatrou
  • Gene Farris (USA)
  • Harry Glotzbach
  • Joris Voorn
  • Jovink en de Voederbietels
  • Kamagurka (B)
  • Krezip
  • Lady Aida
  • Last Crewsaders
  • Leon van der Zanden
  • Linked
  • Live Idols
  • Loco Loco Discoshow
  • Luchtgitaar Kampioenschap
  • Mala Vita
  • Mambo Kurt (D)
  • Mar Y Sol
  • MC Marco Penose
  • Miss Monica
  • Nacht van de Natte Zakdoek
  • Neck (UK)
  • Nick-K
  • Nile (USA)
  • Nobody Beats The Drum
  • Novastar (B)
  • Off The Record (B)
  • Op Sterk Water
  • Peter Pan Speedrock
  • Petter Decks N Effex (SE)
  • Popquiz
  • Remski
  • Ren Amesz
  • Robob
  • Secret Cinema
  • Sjaak Bral
  • Spektrum (UK)
  • Stef & The 16 Bit Lolitas
  • Stijn (B)
  • Textures
  • The Dillinger Escape Plan (USA)
  • The Happymaker
  • The Palookas
  • The Sheer
  • The Skabadivers
  • The Thermals (USA)
  • The Toy Dolls (UK)
  • Thomson
  • Tom Sligting
  • Treble
  • Tricky Rick (USA)
  • Within Temptation

An alphabetical overview from 85 acts on Paaspop 2005.

Open days 2005...

Purple Group PictureSeries 01

March 1 of 2005 Purple Group officially moved into their new building. On March 2 everyone was welcome. Result: a fantastic party with shows from Ronald Molendijk, Di-Rect, Guus Meeuwis, Band Zonder Banaan and The Boston Tea Party. Resal were at their best with a truly spectacular laser show.


Purple Group PictureSeries 01

Kane, Di-Rect, Band Zonder Banaan (BZB), Soulvation, VOF De Kunst, Epica, Van Dik Hout and Within Temptation, at Purple Group.

www Purple Group