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The Zwarte Cross Festival is the largest music festival of the eastern Netherlands it's also the largest and most spectacular motocross of Europe. For many years Festival Mundial in Tilburg is famous for it's festivalmix, a variety of music, culture and atmosphere. Paaspop Schijndel and Festyland Volkel respectively and traditional festival season opener and season closer.

In between very many festivals and event take place in our country. We go to the park to enjoy art and culture. The Zomerpark Festival in Venlo, the parkfeest festival in Oosterhout, or in Amsterdam at "a day at the park." Pop, rock and jazz lovers go to one of the many festivals such as in Tiel to Appelpop, the Breda Jazz Festival or Elsrock in Rijssen.

Dance Events...

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Dance lovers can indulge in the most varied and getting more and more beautiful dressed "outdoor events" such as: Extrema Aquabest, WiSH Outdoor Beek en Donk, Dance Valley Spaarnwoude and Solar Roermond. In the streets of city now, with the use of so-called "Line Array" sound systems, also festival can take place with DJ's. Sneakerz in the city and City Moves are good examples. "Indoor" at home and abroad dance events such as MOH (Masters of Hardcore), Time Warp, Bungalop, Voltt and Nightmare, are taken care of by Purple Group.


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Ranging from a concert tour with our artists to productions derived from TV like Derek Ogilvie, in which a full team with video cameras, production, a director and follow spots lasts. A musical or theater show following a book is getting more common. "Hoe overleef ik" ("How do I survive") was originally a youth series of books written by Francine Oomen and illustrated by Annette Schaap, which subsequently appeared as a series on TV, then it got to the theater to be seen was as musical (How do I survive (without) love?). Woezel and Pip, 2 dogs stories, written by the deceased (2004) Guusje Nederhorst, also became a production for the theater. There are other TV series and productions on the road. The popular series Spangas is a good example.

Night of the Proms concerts...

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Purple Group facilitates a number of "Night of the Proms" concerts. Only in recent years, at the following events technical support was offered: Schiedam Proms, Proms Zundert, Boekel Proms, Proms Gemert, Proms Cromvoirt, Haps Proms, Proms Moergestel, with Father Mouscron Night of the Music, Nistelrode, Proms Lieshout. Purple Group was also multiple times involved in Valkenswaard, Roermond and Erp.

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