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Purple Group is able to make an event happen in any place. The company is capable of providing all equipment needed for any event or presentation, even in the middle of nowhere.


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In case of an event on a outside location without a stage, Purple Group has a roof system available. Both equipment and musicians like a roof over their heads. Maybe even more important: musicians, or your new line of products, like to be seen by the audience. There's need for a stage, a roof, sound and light.

Bar and tree...

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Have a drink at our bar made out of truss. Or meet your business partners under the huge truss-tree! Ideal as a meeting point or eye-catcher. To be completed with plasma TV screens, decoration and light.

Lighting specials...

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Illuminate a building to create extra attention or set an ambiance, can be easily done with the 'City color' or HQI lighting. The 'Sky rose' and the de Showtech Sky Spot 4000 are lighting fixtures for promotional or architectural use. It lights the dark sky with white beams, visible from a large distance.

Mirror ball...

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Purple Group offers a variety of mirror balls. Smaller ones are 30, 40 en 50 cm, but also sizes in 75 cm, 1 meter and even 2 meters. Deliverable on request with motor and pin spots.


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Some 'moving heads' use so called Gobo's to project icons. A great possibility to project your company logo! If required, Purple Group provides you with your own Gobo and logo. Deliverable in color or black and white. contact us.

Stages, Rolling Risers, Ballet floors...

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Purple Group is also a supplier for stages, rolling risers and ballet floors. Stages (Stagedex) can be built in several heights and be completed with carpeting in anthracite color. Rolling risers are 200cm x 120cm, heights can vary in 20cm and 40cm. On request a (red or blue) event carpet is available to welcome your guests.

Backdrops & drapes...

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Purple Group has several drapes to complete the decoration of events. The assortment includes several colors, sizes and materials (velour's and cotton). Most backdrops are blue, other cloth's are available in black and white. Star cloth is also on stock. All drapes are fire retardant.

Decoration & ambiance lighting...

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To give a party the little extra touch, Purple Group provides in accessories, varying from ambiance lighting and flash tubes to confetti- and bubble machines. Needles to say that smoke- and snow machines are also available.

LED pixelscreen ...

- 10 Augustus 2011 -

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The new DMT P10 Pixel Screen at Purple Group Sets New Standard for massive outdoor screen presentations. This screen has significant advantages over its competitors. It offers an enormous light output of nearly 10,000 Nits, DMT P10 Pixel Screen is ideal for outdoor use in even the most sunny environments. All screens are calibrated and prepared for automatic calibration with specialized software. Data connections are made by Ethercon Neutrik connectors and offer you the best and most reliable connection. Electrical connections are made by waterproof IP rated connectors. Because of its high refresh rate of 4800Hz is Pixel Screen P10 also very suitable for live use in TV studios or for fast moving images like sports.

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