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Professional lighting...

For product presentations, vogue shows, theatre or concerts. With Purple Group’s extensive selection of lighting equipment, each desired ambiance can be created. You name it, par or pin spots, led or hallogen, black light, conventional or moving heads, Purple Group's got it.


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A wide range of control desks are available, each desk having it's own special features. More common shows are controlled with MA Lightcommander, where more advanced shows are done with grandMA2 full-size, grandMA2 light, grandMA2 ultra-light, Flying Pig Wholehog 3, Road Hog 4 and Avolites Pearl (2008, 2010 and Tiger Touch ll).


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Programmable in every position, for ambiance lighting or spectacular effects. Purple Group also provides Gobo's with your company logo. Martin Mac 250 en 700 Krypton, 250 en 700 Wash, 250 Beam, Viper, Rush MH3 plus 575 Krypton are in the assortment. Also Robe DL4S, Robin 300 Led Wash, 100 Beam and Pointe. Furthermore the CS4 moving ACL from Studio Due, Martin Atomic, Octo- and (active) Sunstrips.


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Catalyst is software that allows the lighting designer to transform and store moving and still images and then cue and play them out to video systems. Catalyst controls and manipulates video images through DMX to ensure perfect synchronisation between video and performance in live shows. Source images can be transformed in real time using a range of parameters such as shape, position, colour, intensity and speed. Catalyst plays back movies and displays images in visual layers. These layers can be mixed to create new images.


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Using Nodes and switches, we present data connections for light shows. DMX over Ethernet compatible and fully programmable via software. Characteristics of the node:

  • DMX via ArtNet and Artnet to DMX conversion
  • Remote programming and monitoring
  • DMX input options (Normal or backup)
  • DMX output options (Normal, Merge HTP / LTP or custom channel / Priority Merge / Merge with channel per channel soft patch)
  • Remote takeover of fixture parameters
  • Visualizer supports input, such as WYSIWYG / ESP / Capture, etc


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Complex shows are designed and created in advance on a computer. Purple Group uses "What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)" software, ZWCAD and SCAD. Nowadays we can create 3D lighting set-ups and visualizations with software. So immediately see the effect of the show. programming a show at the office, even before it is built, belongs to todays possibilities.


See the specials for all our special solutions like a productiontrailer, a roofsysteem and special light- plus truss solutions. Below some of the light related items.

Special lighting...

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Citycolors are used to illuminate entire buildings. Purple Group uses City Color Studio Due 2500 HMI DMX and HQI lighting. A skyrose or the Showtech Sky Spot 4000 are available for sky illumination. It will draw anyone's attention for sure.


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All possible constructions can be made with truss. Special items like a ground support, a roof system , a deejay setup or a bar, come next to all standard options, like bridges, rectangles, bows and circles.

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