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Disco & DJ

Disco & DJ are no longer "timekillers". The amount of parties with DJ's only is huge. Anything for the DJ ! Lot's of equipment and other gear. At Purple Group.


Wireless headphones make the impossible possible!

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  • Connect them to 2 dj boots, make a nice light show and have 2 crazy DJs and you have the Zer0dB-Disco.
  • Connect them to a presenter or for example 2 interpreters and you get Zer0dB-Solutions.

Zer0dB Disco

2 disco boots, 2 DJs, great lighting some wireless headphones ... these are the ingredients for an interactive disco show without noise. When the visitors enter 'the Zer0dB Disco Arena', they'll get a headphone. Two DJs play their own music genre. The headset has 2 preset channels so you can choose to which DJ you tune in. You can easily switch to the other channel at any time.

For the 'non dancers' Zer0dB is also a party, they can quietly talk and enjoy the hilarious phenomenon of people in different dance rhythms on the dance floors. Zer0dB Disco is a unique experience for a unique event, fun to do, fun to watch. We deliver the Zer0dB Disco in 2 versions.

  • Zer0dB Basic: Dance area with low truss construction and light show.
  • Zer0dB XL: Dance area with high truss construction and extensive light show.

Zer0dB Solutions

Zer0dB is extremely versatile. For many situations where you want to communicate without noise Zer0dB Solutions offers a solution. For a presentation in a busy area (like a factory) you get the attention of our guests. Also Zer0dB is well suited for simultaneous translation.

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For your ultimate DJ booth Purple Group has a wide range of constructions available, all to be equipped at your choice. There's also a wide variety in decoration, sound and light.


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Turntables are back, if they've ever been away. A/V manufacturers stopped their range of turntables, once the CD player was on the market. Especially DJ's prevented the turntable from total disappearance. One particular turntable has always been in first place, Technics' SL1200. Throughout the years it's been upgraded, updated and improved. SL1200, or SL1210 with additions like: MK2, M5G of MK5.

CD Players...

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Pioneer Pro DJ Series CD players are a standard, just like Technics' turntables. Pioneers CDJ-1000 MKlll, CDJ-2000, and CDJ-3000 series are the CD player in stock. But also is Technics SL-DZ1200 and Denon with DN2000F and DN 2100F.


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Fully represented are Pioneer (DM600 and DM800), Rodec (MX180), Allen&Heath (X-One) and Dateq (LPM 7.2 and XTC) mixers.


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Freefloats and flightframes for turntables!

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